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Recent work on elder justice available on request.

The Future of Peservation, Annual RI Statewide Historic Preservation Conference, April 25, 2009. Co-presented with Robert Leaver, New Commons.

Marshall, Philip Cryan. Sustaining Culture through Heritage Stewardship. International Conference on Sustainable Culture and Creation, College of Design, Shu-Te University, Kaoshiung, Taiwan ROC, April 14-15, 2005.

Marshall, Philip Cryan. Heritage Stewardship in the United States and its Applications in India. India Environment Fund/US, hosted by Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation, New York, New York. October 22, 2004.

Chadotsang, Tenzing L and Philip C Marshall. Organizations: The Third Sector, Fourth World and Fifth Discipline, Migyul: Himalayan Community Magazine, Volume 3, Fall 2004.

Chadotsang, Tenzing L and Philip C Marshall. Culture, Heritage and the Himalayan Dilemma of Identity. Migyul: Himalayan Community Magazine, Volume 2, Summer 2004.

Marshall, Philip Cryan. "Providence, Rhode Island, USA: Reflecting on the Many Facets of an Urban Jewel,"
The International Conference for the Rehabilitation and Reuse of Historic Buildings and Districts, sponsored by the Department of Architecture and Historic Preservation, Shu-Te University and the National Center for Research and Preservation of Cultural Properties, Tainan, Taiwan, ROC, September 28-29, 2002.

Marshall, Philip Cryan and Robert J. Cagnetta, "Building Craftsmanship, Capacity, and Relationships:The Preservation Trades Network," The Journal of the Association for Preservation Technology, Special Issue: Convergence of Architecture and Craft, Vol. XXXIII, Number 1, 2002, Washington, DC: The Association for Preservation Technology, pp.43-45.

State of Conservation Training: A regional strategy for North America, with particular reference to the United States of America, Developed by the US/ICOMOS Training Committee, Roy Eugene Graham FAIA and Philip Cryan Marshall, co-chairs. Final presentation to the Training Committee was made at the US/ICOMOS Annual Meeting, 8 April 2001.

Marshall, Philip Cryan. "Snow and Fire in the Fourth World: Perspectives on Western Preservation and Hopi Cultural Preservation Initiatives," presented at Culture, Environment and Heritage, US/ICOMOS, 2nd Annual International Symposium, Washington, DC, March 20-21, 1999.

Marshall, Philip Cryan and Collins, Allison Brooks. "Slated for Preservation," presented at The Roofing Conference and Exposition for Historic Buildings, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 17-19, 1999.

Kiiyamuy: Technical Guides for the Preservation and Maintenance of Hopi Clan Houses, Hotevilla, Arizona: The Hopi Foundation, 1997. Project coordinator for the Hopi Foundation: Lomasumi'nangwtukwsiwmani. Funding provided, in part, by the Anschutz Family Foundation, Brooke Astor, the Arizona Heritage Fund, Laurance S. Rockefeller, and RWU Research Foundation, 1997.

Marshall, Philip and Michael Watson. "Brick Masonry Restoration," in Troubleshooting Guide to Residential Construction, Richmond, Vermont: The Journal of Light Construction, 1997, pp.79-84.

"Preservation Education and the Real World," NCPE News, Winter 1994, Volume 1, No.1, pp.1-5.

"Service Life of Rehabilitated Buildings and Other Structures." American Society for Testing and Materials Special Technical Publication, Philadelphia, PA: ASTM. Co-editor with Stephen J. Kelley, Senior Architect, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. Philadelphia, PA: American Society for Testing and Material, Special Technical Publication, ASTM - STP 1098, 1990.

"Restoring the Future of Barre's Granite Industry" The Times Argus, Barre-Montpelier, Vermont. April 7, 1988. Author of commentary.

"Preservation by Design" The Guild: A Sourcebook of American Craft Artists, New York: Kraus-Sikes, Inc., 1987, p.274.

"Are Architectural Conservators Worth Their Salt?" Paper presented at the 1986 Annual Conference, The Association for Preservation Technology, October 1 to 4, 1986, Austin, Texas. Published in The Journal of the Association for Preservation Technology, Vol. XIX, Number 4, 1987, Washington, DC: The Association for Preservation Technology, pp.3-5.

The Use of Pneumatic Tools in Repointing Historic Masonry, APT Communique, Vol XV (1), Technical Note 8, 1985.

The Burlington Book, Historic Preservation Program, Department of History, University of Vermont. Burlington, Vermont: George Little Press, 1980. Co-author with fellow students in "Advocacy Project" course. Project Director: Chester H. Liebs.