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Vieux Carré, New Orleans, Louisiana

Historic Districts, Volunteer Historic Districts, Conservation Districts

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  • Flow of Power
    • Tenth Amendment, Wikipedia with power delegated to the states
    • Enabling legislation (act), Wikipedia, delegates power to local communities. In RI rules are made in advance and specific, and to remain in effect for entire undertaking.
  • Legality of zoning
  • Process/Controls
    • Ordinance/Warrant: based on state enabling legislation; district (as map); power (regulate); commission member (number, qualifications, appointment by council)
    • Standards: Secretary of Interior Standards, others. Under HDC standards, precedents do not have standing given varying nature of each case.
    • Guidelines, provide multiple paths to possible solutions
    • Process for application
      • Typically for exterior (or that part in 'public view')
      • HDC application for a certificate of appropriateness (CofA)
        • Staff approval
        • Full commission approval
      • Building permit (if change is covered),
      • Findings of fact: documents significance, and condition—based on site visit; making sure not to break quorum (WIkipedia) rules.
      • Public hearing (Wikipedia)
      • Finding
      • Appeal (in RI
        • local zoning board (do not hear de novo, WIkipedia) to overturn, remand or uphold
        • Superior Court
        • State Supreme Court
        • US Supreme Court
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