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Photography: Composition, Content and Context

Goal: To photograph various places to enhance skills in selection, composition, and content of images to convey asset character, use, and preservation issues.

  1. Use your account at Panoramio.
  2. Select two differerne "places"—see photography, below
  3. Focus on taking photographs to define the context of each place, by including:
    1. the contributing assets (features and spatial arrangements), character defining features (here of places, not just individual buildings) and liabilities (issues).
    2. its use(s)
    3. preservation issues (note what you are specifically illustrating)


  1. Two places
    1. Select one place.
      1. Take only six images.
      2. Do not delete images.
      3. Upload to Panoramio, tag with <175_character_first_six>.
    2. Select another place.
      1. Take as many photographs as you want.
      2. Select six.
      3. Upload to Panoramio, tag with <175_character_select_six>.
  2. Once complete, post a link to both Panoramio folders by providing a hyperlink for "Photography: Composition, Content and Context" on the Panoramio class list.