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Construction Details and Building Elements

  • References
  • Secect ten (10) details [sections] inspired by handouts (provided) and other resources (from resources, above and Dropbox). Include:
    • Foundation
    • Exterior wall/interior floor
    • Upper wall/roof/cornice
    • others (as assigned)
  • Resources
    • Note: you may/should use several, different historical and compteporary resources as references for each of your drawings.
    • Include digital copies of resources [as individual pages, as PDF file]
      • those provided in handouts (Thallon, others)
      • additional resourcs, including those
      • In Dropbox > preservation > period publications
      • Others gleaned from research, compiled by you in Building Construction Illustrations
  • Drawings
    • Based on details, provide neat, freehand drawings (on 8-1/2"x11" paper, pain or graph) of each.
    • Include identification of elements/details and in notes, as needed.