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Drawing: Existing Foundation

Goals: Reading field sketchs, interpreting existing conditions, free-hand sketches of recommendations, contruction, detail and materials for foundations.

Reference foundation sections. Example of past assignment.

You will be provided with a 'field sketch' (actually: classroom sketch) of existing conditions of the foundations of an existing structure.

Provide the following, in section, with dimensions (written), notes and material designations.

You are responsible for making decisions regarding design, construction, materials, notes, labels and layout.

Four 'scaled' sketches:

  1. Existing conditions — Develop sketch based on field sketch, clarifying as needed.
  2. Option #1 —  Proposed 'restoration': Matching original materials and construction. Specify areas to be 'retained', 'consolidated' and or 'replaced'.
  3. Option #2 —  Proposed 'reconstruction': Concrete footing and foundation wall with stone veneer (to 'match' existing) above grade. Retain as much of the structural flooring system; replace with material, in-kind, only when required.
  4. Option #3 — Proposed 'renovation': Concrete footing and foundation wall. Replace original flooring system with modern, dimensioned members.