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2014 Checklist and Schedule — version May 7, 2014


File name Due
Photography: Townscape hp_175_14_town_lastnamef.docx Feb 5 (by 19)

Written: Building Exterior

hp_175_14_exterior_lastnamef.docx Feb 5 (by 19)
National Register and HABS/HAER/HALS Programs hp_175_14_nr-habs_lastnamef.docx Feb 5 (by 19)
Written: National Register 'description' - outline hp_175_14_nr_outline_lastnamef.docx
Feb 23
Written description based on HABS Survey hp_175_14_habs_write_lastnamef.docx Feb 26
Photography: Composition, context and content


Feb 25
5:00 p.m.
Lettering sample Please hand in hard copy. semester
Lettering sample using Ames guide Please hand in hard copy. semester
Scale: Line measurements Please hand in hard copy. semester
Lettering, Quote Please hand in hard copy. semester
Material Designation Please hand in hard copy. hold off
Photography: National Register property hp_175_14_nr-photo_lastnamef.docx Mar 19

Classical language no test, hand study drawings

Please hand in drawings. Apr 2
Bristol survey hp_175_14_survey-bristol_lastnamef.docx Apr 9

Construction details

Please hand in hard copy. Apr 9
Drawing: Architectural element On site evaluation, LInden Place Apr 30
Building elements (10 photographs with id; three classical) hp_175_14_elements_lastnamef.docx Ongoing

Field recording (final project)

On site evaluation May 7