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National Register, Natonal Historic Landmark, and HABS/HAER/HALS Programs

See Notes first! Then...

Define and compare the documentation techniques used for the:

  • National Register of Historic Places and National Historical Landmark
  • Heritage Documentation Program — HABS/HAER/HALS programs
  1. Write a two- to three-page paper.
  2. Define terms (and Citing Sources, as needed).
  3. Assess and cite at least five sources, examples. Note: bibliographic citation for HABS and NR are not typical of MLA and other citation styles.

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Select Resources (do not limit your work to these, which are in order of reading, perusal)

National Register of Historical Places, NPS

Sample nominations

National Register Research (database, including a beta version of NPS Focus)

Note: A lot of the National Register nominations have not be digitized for the NPS Focus site. The following sites have complete NR nomination forms. Use the information below to enter into the database as a search query.

  • African Meetinghouse, Boston, MA (two records appear, one with NR form)
  • Boston Athenaeum, , Boston, MA
  • Chase-Lloyd House, Annapolis, MD (As an example, nomination to be reviewed in class.)
  • Paca House and Garden, Annapolis, MD
  • Gallier House, New Orleans, LA
  • Madame John's Legacy, New Orleans, LA (House restores, incuding HABS drawings)

National Register Properties & Districts, New Hampshire and Vermont riverside communities along the Connecticut River, Connecticut River Joint Commissions, the A. D. Henderson Foundation and Terra Nova Trust

Five Springs Farm: Rhoads/Lorah House & Barn and Rhoads/Lorah House & Barn, Amity Township, Berks County, PA

National Historic Landmark

Heritage Documentation Programs (HABS, HAER, HALS, CRGIS), History & Culture, NPS. Peruse, know the differences between the programs, their purpose, scope and 'product'.

HABS/HAER/HALS database, Built in America, American Memory, Library of Congress. This is the elcetronic repository of documentaion for these programs.

Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Architectural and Engineering Documentation, Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines, NPS

Burns, John A. Recording Historic Structures: Historic American Building Survey, Historic American Engineering Record. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2004 (second edition). Google Books (poor quality reproduction).

Letellier, Robin, Werner Schmid, and François LeBlanc. Recording, Documentation, and Information Management for the Conservation of Heritage Places: Guiding Principles. Los Angeles: The Getty Conservation Institute, 2007. (174pp., 13.1MB) Available as PDF files.

Note: Guidance, pp.20-65 is available as 5.1 mb PDF file on this site.

The Woodlands, 40th Street and Woodland Avenue, Philadelphia, has been recorded with both NR and HABS documentation