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Photography: National Register property

Goals: To review NR 'descriptions'. To obtain NR nominations. Or a NHL nomination. To take interior and exterior images that complement the written description. To identify each image.

Reading: Photography

Resources (to find a site you can visit (exterior and interior) that has been individually listed on the National Register, sicne 1990).

  • Peruse the database at National Register Research. Use the test site, NPS Focus. Keep in mind, a lot of material is no on this site! Or find other sites with NR nominations.
  • Database, National Historic Landmark
  • If needed, obtain a copy the National Register nomination form from the State Historic Preservation Office (see NCSHPO).

Conduct a site visit and take photographs to illustrate the house (exterior, interior, and site), with reference to the NR description.

Label: Provide the following information for each photograph.

Owner (organization, if applicable), contact address
Structure, street address
Structure, latitude and longtitude (via Google Earth)
Exterior: Elevation, Orientation, Element/Detail, Scale,
Interior: Floor, Room, Elevation, Orientation,
Element/Detail, Scale, Materials (where applicable)
Materials (where applicable)
Date of photograph: Month/Day/Year (or YYMMDD)
Name of photographer (year © Name of Photographer), Company (RWU)
Reference to accompanying drawings, reports, site conditions
Measurements: scale, color
Numbering, if part of a series
Identification/catalog or accession number

Note: orientation refers to compass direction of camera to subject.

Hand in (upload to Dropbox):

  1. NR description (as PDF file), annotated to include citation of your images in appropriate locations, in parentheses (Photograph 1, etc.). (Option: 'copy' text of nomination in to Word® document.)
  2. Select photographs (eight - ten) to best illustrate the site and complement the NR description.
    1. Adjust phtoographs as needed.
    2. Label
    3. Layout one per page
  3. Total file size must be less than 5 mb..