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National Register 'description' - outline

Goals:To examine how a written architectural description is organized—to help with your future descriptions of propserties. Introduction to NR 'description', database, NR form. (Other assignments relate the NR description to photography.) Note: NR nominations do not include a graphic (drawing) component. This assignment does not include a photograophic component.

Develop two (2) outline for a National Register nomination 'description' based on specific individual National Register nominations—and readings.

  1. Read
    1. Section 7. Description (especially the 'Narrative Description' and "Writing and Architectural Description" sections—scroll down on 'section 7' to view), as found in III. Completing the National Register Form, in How to Complete the National Register Registration Form (National Register Bulletin 16A), Publications, NPS.
    2. Peruse notes for outline (general)
  2. Look for National Register nominations...
  3. Peruse the database at National Register Research.
    1. NPS Focus, which has concentrated to date on digitizing Kentucky, Utah, Washington DC, and others.
      1. Note!: Much of this site is useless! as it will frequently display "The PDF file for this National Register record has not yet been digitized."
    2. Research Properties listed from 2013-present properties (fully digitized) in the NR 2013 Weekly List Search Enginethat does produce results (NR nominations)
      1. No need to enter a query, just 'submit' (or you could enter a state).
      2. List has some missing nominations when going to 'link to full file'; try several as needed.
      3. Several nominations are OCR PDF file, from which you can copy the text.
    3. Sample nominations, NR, NPS
    4. A few NR nominations are in my Dropbox under survey.
    5. A Web serach will produce others.
  4. Select two (2) NR nomation. Analyze its 'description'. Develop an outline of the 'description'
    1. Compare the outline and the Section 7. Description guidelines.
    2. Provide a one-page (or less) explanation and critique, for example:
      1. why did you select these structures (which should be different, and not too complex);
      2. did the 'descriptions' include historical information in addition to a technical architectural description;
      3. is the description somewhat dated (from the 1960s or 70s)?; etc.
    3. Develop a model outline for each.
  5. Email to me:
    1. The NR nomination. Mark up as you wish.
      1. Send as filename: st_city_street_street_##_nr_property_name.pdf
      2. For example, for Linden Place in Bristol:
        1. ri_bristol_hope_500_nr_linden_place.pdf
    2. One document
      1. filename: hp_175_14_nr_outline_lastnamef.docx
      2. include
        1. The two model outlines, with explaination—described above
        2. Reference the NR nominations and and other material (including the NR Bulletin, cited above), as needed.