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  • Old School Lettering 101, Part 04 [making guide lines]: Ames Lettering Guide (YouTube)
  • How to write like and architect. Doug Patt. [Lettering too 'animated'. Good to show use of Ames guide while writing.]
  • How to letter with lead. Doug Patt. [Still too animated..and too much 'personality'. Aim for extreme legibility. But good to show pencil angle, line weight.]
  • Lettering (in Flash), Architectural Drafting Fundamentals, Instructor: JoBeth Halpin, Triton College


  • Leads: 4H for guidelines and construction lines, 2H (or less) for lettering.
  • Ames Lettering Guide
  • Mechanical pencils or 'clutches' (for lead)
  • Unlined paper or graph paper.