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Written Description: Paragraph

This material is provided to help you write a one-paragraph description for Written: Building Exterior assignment.


Historic Property Users Manual (as 13.56 mb PDF file), Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation, State of Washington. This entire document will be used for a later assignment, Bristol Survey. Hold off on reading for now. However download this PDF file, which includes a selection pertinent pages: Entering Data, pp. 37-47, and Appendix 1: Field Survey Form .


This list is a guide for writing a one-paragraph architectural written description. The sequence for a particular may not necessarily be in this order. Additional features may be required, or omitted.

  • Stories
  • Roof type, pitch, material, projections (chimneys, location)
  • Bays
  • Plan, orientation, projections
  • Structural system
  • Dimensions (approximate)
  • Foundation
  • Exterior walls, cladding
  • Windows, sash, surround
  • Doors
  • Details, ornament (general)
  • Entrance
  • Projections
  • ...other