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What is photographic documentation?

"At the professional as well as the amateur level, photography is the most popular means of documenting structures. Photography is the least expensive, fastest, and easiest method of documentation. But photographs are also taken when measured drawings and histories are prepared. In such situations, photographs complement the other work. Photographs are more easily understood and can convey information not normally included in the other forms of documentation.
"A photograph can convey three-dimensional qualities, spatial relationships, current conditions, texture, and context..."

Lebovich, William L. , "Chapter 4: Photography," in Burns, John A., editor Recording Historic Structures, Washington, DC: The American Institute of Architects Press, 1989.

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Perspective Correction

  • Photoshop and 'perspective correcting' (5.6 MB)
  • Correcting Perspective, Visual Design CS6, Adobe
    • Option 1 (not preferred)
      • Filter > Lens correction
    • Option 2
      • Edit >
      • Free transform >
      • Show > grid display
      • Control (PC) or Command (Mac) + click on corner to 'stretch'
      • Rotate: mouse outside transformation box + click/drag
      • Commit button on Options bar
      • addional adjustments
  • Perspective Correction In Photoshop - Keystoning, Steve Patterson, Photoshop Essentials
    • Strighten: Straighten Tool, upper left, two down
    • For barrel distortion:
      • Remove Distortion Tool, upper left or...
      • Remove Distortion slider at the top of the column on the right
      • Keystoning
        • Vertical Perspective Slider
      • To help with vertical guide
        • Move Grid Tool, top left, third down
        • Edge option at the bottom of the right column: Background color
      • Buildng appears short?
        • Free Transform Command [Ctrl+T (Win) / Command+T (Mac)]
        • Free Transform box
        • Full Screen mode (letter F)
        • Click on the bottom handle and drag it down a short ways to stretch the image vertically
        • Enter
        • Crop Tool (letter C)
          • Click and drag out a cropping border
          • Options Bar at the top of the screen and select the Hide option
          • Enter
      • Command: File save
      • Command: Layer > Flatten image
      • Command: File save
  • Perspective distortion correction tutorial using 'skew' method (not recommended for buildings), Lone Star Digital
    • Open image
    • Select > All
    • Edit > Transform > Skew (instead of Perspective, as skew adjusts each control point individually)
    • Shrink: Control and "-" [minus], proves space
    • Adjust 'anchor' points
    • Enter
  • Perspective Control in Photoshop, Allens Video Channel
    • Uses 'perspective' instead of 'skew', above
  • Perspective Correction in Photoshop, PhotoWalkPro (You Tube)
    • Uses Distort > Lens correction

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