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   Please be advised that, due to the involvement of practitioners and visits to archives and other sites, this schedule is subject to change. Always refer to the web-posted schedule before preparing for, and coming to, each week's class. As you know: this page is updated frequently throughout the semester.

Due Date Assignment

18 September

23 October, hand in papers for review; they will be returned in your HP mailbox the same day.

Evaluate Two Papers
Select about four papers, on four different subjects, from four different peer-review, professional, scholarly journals/publications. These will be narrowed down to two papers after class review (hand in papers on 10 September).
With reference to methods described by Marius and Page (in A Short Guide to Writing About History) and, optionally, Rampolla (A Pocket Guide to Writing in History), evaluate the way the author(s) of each paper have apprached writing about history (or your related subject).
Also, use Turabian (A Manual for Writers) to assess the writing style (in general).
Mark up ("make it bleed") a photocopy (try making one on 11"x17" stock) of the papers, indicating what principles described by Marius and Page (and others) apply. Test out Marius and Page's checklists to see how they help.
For each paper, write a two-page (double spaced) analysis and evaluation. Hand in your papers on each paper, and the marked-up copy of the papers.

23 October

10 September, for starters

Archival Standards and Practices
Record (with annotations indicating what information the resource provides) references researchers employ to find and assses these three, separate resources.

  1. Annotated resources (five good ones) that define the nature, standards, and practices of historical, archival, and preservation-oriented research, those professionals who work in the field, and the archives themselves. This research should answer these inter-related questions:

    "What is an archive?"
    "What professionals works in archives, and what do they do (for the archives, and for the users: you)?"
    "What do I need to know about conducting research in this context?"
  2. An annotated list (five important resources, including contact information and a brief description) of archives in the region (that you have been assigned).
  3. An annotated list of Internet resources (five, or more) of digital archives (e.g. Library of Congress, but others). Note if the archive maintaining the Web site owns or otherwise indicates the location of the original, documentary sources of these images or this text.
As scheduled Archives: Site Visit and Evaluation
The class will collectively develop methods for evaluating the resources of archives.
30 October

Public Records: Deed Search and Context
Undertake the following:

  1. Physical description and analysis of your building. Place the building within a context as much as possible, noting the site, style, construction, materials, size, etc., noting evidence of changes. You may submit photos, but do not reference them: and do not presume the picture replaces the written description. One to two pages.
  2. An executive summary that includes statement of your methodology, archives and sources used, suggestions for additional research, etc. One to two pages.
  3. Narrative history of your property (no more than 2-3 pages) that indicates who built it, owned it, lived there; reflected changes to the building; and any other information you deem necessary to tell the story.
  4. National Register form - from the Web: http://www.cr.nps.gov/nr/publications/forms.htm
  5. Completed "Summary of Ownership" sheet and all copies (neat and legible) of completed deed/will forms, any maps/plats of your property, and any other references used in your research. Include sheets for each transaction.
  6. Sheet with any tax or other information.
  7. Attachments: Completed "Chronology Sheet" and legible forms for each transaction.
  8. A physical inventory form.
  9. Copies of maps or other graphics

National Register Nomination — Assessment
National Register Assignment


Research Paper and Annotated Bibliography
Marius and Page. A Short Guide to Writing About HistoryChecklist and
Annotated Bibliography Assignment