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Certified Local Government (CLG)

City Hall, Northampton, Massachusetts.

Questions to consider with reference to two (2) of your "adopted" states.

First, examine examples under reading at Certified Local Governments (CLGs).


1  In your states, how many counties, cities and town governments have been designated as state CLGs by the SHPO and NPS?

2  Does the state SHPO have a CLG advisory board? If so, what is its composition? Duties?

Note: All states have preservation "advisory boards" (with varyign names), but not all have boards for CLG-related activities. Example — Indiana Historic Preservation Review Board.

3  What are the various positions/titles of the CLG coordinators (viz.: town planner; town "selectman"; historic district commission staff, etc.)?

4  Does the state include additional monies in their grants-in-aid program other than funding derived from the federal minimum of ten percent (10%) of its federal annual allocation as per NHPA provisions?

What are their funding/revenue sources (viz. annual appropriation by the legislature; lottery monies, bonds, etc.)?

Certified Local Governments (CLGs)
Rhode Island CLGs

Country store, Danby, Vermont.

5  What is the variety of CLG grants awarded to local governments (viz.: surveying, technical preservation services, planning, conferences, model ordinances, etc.)?

6  What are any "special" state grant categories (viz.: grants for model business; barns, county courthouses, general stores, etc.)? To the applying/awarded governments have to be a designated CLG? (How are the funds appropriated?)

7  How does the scope of the funded projects relate to the state's Preservation Plan?