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Federalism Today

  • Define federalism.
  • Provide two examples of issues federalism brings up about the relationship between the federal, state (and local) governments.
  • Provide at least two articles for each example. Fully cite sources using the Chicago Manual of Style (Quick Guide), pr equal. Use author-date style with in-text citations.
  • Provide at least one peer-reviewed journal article per issue to buttress your case.
  • Write about a three page (double-spaced) essay:
    • define federalism (do not use Wikipedia or a dictionary, but peer-reviewed publication),
    • frame your examples,
    • reference/evaluate articles, use pertinent quotes and
    • provide a summary.
  • Newspaper or periodical articles: Find Journal & Newspaper Articles, RWU Library

Find out Roberts' views on privacy, federalism

". . . Another broad topic is federalism, the relationship between the national government and the state governments. Under Chief Justice William Rehnquist, the court repeatedly has sided with states in challenges to key portions of federal law. Judge Roberts' writings indicate that he also favors unrealistically strict limits on federal power, especially in the area of civil rights..."

A few suggested sources

Grading is based on:

  • Definition and overview of federalism
  • Examples (subjects)
  • Relevancy and quality of newspaper/periodical articles
  • Your analysis of each issue
  • Your analysis, synthesis, critical assessemtn of each article
  • Overall cohesion of essay
  • Grammar, spelling
  • Citation format