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Section 106, ACHP Case Study


By developing a summary of two cases (from two of your states), to understand how the Advisory Council for Historic Preservation (ACHP) involvement with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), as amended, works.

Case study

  • Review section 106 reading.
  • Review your States
  • Peruse the Advisory Council for Historic Preservation (ACHP) Case Digest, or better yet, browse by state.
  • Review a few before select one case study from one of your states.

Summary (not in essay form)

  1. Site name
  2. Link to PDF file of case study from ACHP 'Case Digest' site. [see 'Submission', below]
  3. Link to a few images of the site, if available (from other sites, not the ACHP case study
  4. Project name
  5. Case (open/closed), date(s)
  6. Why did the Council (ACHP) enter in to the section 106 process? What properties and/or part of the site are affected?
  7. Related litigation, if applicable and/or cited
  8. State
  9. State Historic Preservation Office(s) [if more than one not lead SHPO], representatives of Indian tribes and Native Hawai'ian organizations
  10. Lead agency, other agencies involved
  11. Designation on National Register of Historic Places nomination form including
    1. significance
    2. nationally, statewide, locally (as per part 3, NR nomination)
      1. evaluation critera (ACHP) employed. (as per part 8, NR nomination)
  12. Undertaking — describe
  13. Adverse effect — describe
  14. Consulting parties (other than agencies, SHPO and tribal, cited above)
  15. Programmatic Agreement (PA) or a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) — describe
  16. Mitigation measure(s) — describe
  17. Other material, references (news, pertinent citations) to inform your assessment


Email your summary as a Word document. Include attachments (as PDF files) and/or hyperlinks to the specific case study.

If your case is recent, PDF-format file, please provide the URL to the page and also download the PDF, and delete all but the pertinent pages. For example:

Ellis Island
And only the case study.

If your case is in the 'archive' (http://www.achp.gov/casearchive/casearchive.html) as an HTML page, please provide the URL. If you can also save the Web page as a PDF file (on a Mac you can by Print > PDF > Save as PDF). For example:

Fort Bragg
And saved as PDF file.