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Wickford, Rhode Island

Write a two-page summary of your observations on the assignment, below. Referece pertinent zoning regulations as needed.


  • New York City Department of City Planning, Zoning Maps and NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission, Historic Disctricts, Landmark Maps

Below, questions to consider with reference to you choice from:

  • your own home town (which may not be in one of your "adopted states") or
  • a town (municipality) in one of your "adopted" states.

The municipality must have a Historic District Commission.

Zoning for any municipality is complex so this is just an introduction.

Peruse the zoning regulations, maps, overlay zoning, historic districts, and related regulations to facilitate an understanding of zoning in general, guided by location-specific examples.

1  Examine the relationship between the planning and zoning regulations and the "Official Zoning Maps".

Historic district "zoning", sometimes refered to as "historic overlay district" (and from CT Trust), is part of zoning— but may frequently be different from a historic district.

Historic districts, and their regulation under Historic District Commissions, ideally have typical zoining regulations that are in congruity with the preservation goals.

For example: an historic district that is residential in characted would likely not benefit from having zoning that permits commercial uses within its boundaries.

2  Examine the relationship between the boundaries of historic district and the permissible uses within the district boundaries.

  1. Are the two compatible? Why?
  2. What of the compatibility of structures immediately outside historic districts?

The for cultural resource stewardship to work, the Planning and Zoning Commission and Zoning Commission must develop a preservation-oriented policy and communicate it to the public — as exemplified by the Department of Planning & Zoning, Howard County, Maryland.

And the Planning and Zoning Commission must communicate at many levels with the Historic District Commission, which provides "comments to the Planning & Zoning Commission" — as exemplified by the Historic District Commission, Greenwich, Connecticut.

Typically the role of the HDC does not "impair" that of other planning commissions (see Chapter 10 Article XVIII, § 10-42, Historic District and Historic District Commission, Code of the Town of Wethersfield, Connecticut.)

3  How do the municipality's commissions work together? (Only address if this is discernable via Web information.)