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Reading (from HP 150 Introduction to Preservation Planning)

  • Stipe, Robert. " A Richer Heritage", Chapter 2: The Federal Preservation Program
  • Preservation Ethos and Fundamentals — A Richer Heritage, Introduction and Chapter 1. google books (Review from week one of class.)
  • Wallace, Michael. "Reflections on the History of Historic Preservation" in Presenting the Past: Essays on History and the Public. Benson, Susan Porter, et. al., eds. Philadelphia: Temple University Press. google books

Questions (from HP 150 Introduction to Preservation Planning)



Antiquites Act of 1906

Organic Act of 1916

Historic Sites Act of 1935

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), US EPA

The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended (2000)

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

State Historic Preservation Offices

Heritage Documentation Programs

Standards & Guidelines

Certified Local Governments

  • CLG re NHPA (as amended in 1981), sec 101

Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program