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Spring 2010 Schedule — Tuesday, 12:30 - 2:00 and Thursday, 12:30 PM - 4:50 pm. 100226

Week Date Topics
1 Jan 28

Site visit to Linden Place, 500 Hope Street, Bristol, RI with James Burke Connell, Executive Director, Friends of Linden Place.

2 Feb 2

Discuss Linden Place, scope of work, 2010, assigned work; plan; references.
Overview of Proposal checklist
Preview Google Docs for
Linden Place
Preview Window assessment
Preview Architectural element assessment, equipment

Feb 4

Disscuss Linden Place, scope of work, assigned work as outline.
Site visit to Linden Place

3 Feb 9

Review Window assessment
Review Assessment checklist
Discuss Specifications (specs samples sent by email, too)

Feb 11

Site visit to Linden Place to measure windows, assess condition

4 Feb 16

Review Linden Place windows with reference to Assessment checklist
Review Linden Place scope of work

Feb 18

Site Visit to Heritage Restoration, Inc., Rob Cagnetta, President.

5 Feb 23

Review site visit to Heritage Restoration (notes, photographs, sash specifications)
Preview Woodworking techniquesTools and JoinryTools Checklist

Feb 25

Architectural Tools and Joinry Woodworking Machinery (Historic)Mill WorkTools Checklist
Site visit to Troy City Woodwork, 394 Kilburn Street, Fall River, MA. Brendan Kinnane, President.

6 Mar 2

Window Conservation

Mar 4

Discuss Linden Place Documentation, Assessment and Window Specification
Discuss Linden Place windows, scope of work outline

7 Mar 9 Geology
Mar 11
Discuss Rock-to-Stone assignment
8 Mar 16, 18 Spring Break. Field work for Rock-to-Stone
9 Mar 23

Overview Finishes
Preview Room: Decorative Treatment

Mar 25

Decorative finishes analysis.
Site visit to Architectural Conservation Services, 190 High Street, Bristol, RI

10 Mar 30


Apr 1

Site visit to Isaac Bell House with Charles Jeffers (Jeff) Moore, Director of Conservation and Chief Conservator, Furniture Conservation Workshop, The Preservation Society of Newport County.
Reference Room: Decorative Treatment

11 Apr 6

Review visit to Isaac Bell House, Bellevue House
Reference Room: Decorative Treatment
Reference Finishes
Case Study: Campbell-Whittlesey House, Landmarks Society of New York

Apr 8 Finishes
Lab: Paint mixing; faux and wallpaper examination.
12 Apr 13 Preview metals
  Apr 15

George Martell, Martell’s Metal Works


Apr 20

Clay products and brick

Apr 22 Masonry and on HS
14 Apr 27

Wall treatments
Lime Cycle, Quicklime , Limes, Natural Cement, Rosendale Cement, Pozzolana

  Apr 29 Masonry pointing
Masonry cleaning
Masonry assessment
15 May 4

Rehabilitation, Tax Incentives
Providence Revolving Fund (Recent ProjectsNeighborhood LoansDowncity Loans)

  May 6 Site visit to Providence Revolving Fund 
16 May 11 Masonry Assessment due.
May 13 Reading Day
17 May 17-19 Exam Period