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Architectural Description


  • correct termininology
  • headings
  • compass direction
  • describing the existing condition, not the original or earlier appearance
  • move from the macro to the micro
  • note related images by "(photograph #)


  • Overview
    • architectural style
    • the number of stories
    • use
    • plan
    • overall dimensions
    • struture
    • siding
    • building shape, bays, fenestration
    • siding, cladding material, nature
    • roofing material, pitch, elements
    • foundation material, exposure
  • Indicate and describe any differentiation between
    • primary (street) facades
    • secondary (rear and/or side) facades.
  • Begin to focus on specific features and the location of these elements on the facades.
    • window type
    • doors and door surrounds
    • porches
    • chimneys
    • storefronts, etc.
    • distinctive ornamental features or design details.
  • Additions
  • Obvious alterations from the building’s original condition (for example window replacement, changes in the cladding material (or if assessing a strucure, note in "existing conditions" section
  • Describe the building’s relationship to its site, to the street, or to adjacent buildings. Include specific landscaping features, if appropriate.