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Conservation Assessment: Work in Progress

This project will involve assessment of the exterior/interior of the structure that we will visit collectively.

Consider resourse available here, including those under Process in readings and provided.

Take photograph of elevations, spaces, features. Inclued a scale, as needed.

Develop a report (as a Word document) including, but not limited to:

  1. Property
    1. Owner (if known), address
    2. Historical listing
    3. Architecture style(s).
    4. Date(s). [approximate]
  2. Assessment — Exterior and interior
    1. Significance [architectural; historic only if resources are readily available]
    2. Character-defining features.
    3. Existing conditions of features, systems
    4. Diagnosis (underlying causes)
  3. Scope of work of 'treatment'
    1. Use
    2. Description
    3. Assessment
  4. Appendix
  5. Site plan
  6. Photographs