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Finishes Analysis

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Gerritt Platel (HP student, now alum), Stonehurst, Waltham, MA. Class assessment funded by the Getty Trust.

Explain, in outline form, the steps undertaken to conduct finishes analysis. Note: the outline below is only a guide; modify as needed.

Document with five photographs (on site and lab), adjusted, at 640x480 pixels, 150 dpi. Identify with captions and include as an appendix to report. Reference in your outline.

Finishes Analysis Outline

  1. Scope of Work
    1. Brief description
    2. Related work (beyond the scope of finishes analysis but pertinent)
    3. Beyond th escope of work
    4. Reference to professionand and technical standards
  2. Specific tools, material and products needed for finishes analysis (on site, in lab, report production). Note manufacturer, product
  3. Execution of finishes analysis
    1. Research and preperation in advance
    2. Site documentation, assessment (specifically for finishes), selection of sample areas
    3. Finishes sampling in situ
    4. Finishes samples
    5. Laboratory techniques for analysis
    6. Data compilation, interpretation
    7. Report production
    8. Other work

Bring to site:

  1. Camera
  2. Note pad
  3. Flashlight
  4. Scale (tape, ruler)