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Photographs — Panoramio

  1. Set up an account at Panoramio. (Philip's account as an example.)
    1. Test run. (This is just a test run with images you already have on hand, not images for this assignment.)
      1. Read 'help' to become familiar with interface; look at other collections.
      2. 'Upload' a few (at least three) large (but less than 5 mb) images (taken anywhere but your 'Townscape' of choice).
      3. Provide 'title' (using name of building, place, location),
      4. On Panoriamio, 'map", exactly, making sure to 'save position' and 'finish'. If you can not map exactly, do not map.
      5. 'Create tag' of location (viz: town, city, state) and 'tag' each image by location.
  2. Before taking photographs make sure your digital camera is:
    1. set with the correct time, date.
    2. set for the best quality possible. This may include two settings: 'superfine' and 'large'. When in doubt, read your manual (if needed, it may be available as a PDF file on the manufacturer's Web site).
  3. Take photographs.
  4. Once you have images for this assignment:
    1. Keep original, unadjusted images.
    2. Adjust in Photoshop, or equal.
    3. Upload, locate, image.
    4. 'Tag' images with <assignment> tag.
    5. Once an image is viewed, copy the page's URL to your essay for reference.