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Statute of Liberty — Some 80 tons of copper sheet, originally about a quarter-inch thick, were cut into 300 odd pieces and then hand hammered – a process called repoussé. The hammering reduced them to about 3/32nds of an inch thick. Source.  



  1. Copper, WIkipedia
  2. Copper Development Association
    1. Copper Production from Ore to Finished Product

Architectural Uses

  1. Copper in Architecture, Copper Development Association
  2. Architecture Design Handbook
    1. Weathering, Corrosion, Staining, Substrate, Solder, Sealants
    2. Maintenance
    3. Sections 3 – Architectural Details (Links on contents page.)


  1. Statue of Liberty
    1. Construction of the Statue of Liberty, National Park Service
    2. Statue of Liberty: Reclothing the First Lady of Metals, Copper Development Association
      1. Facts & Figures
      2. Repair Concerns
      3. Repair Details
      4. Reclothed Lady