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  1. organization and management of records (COPAR, others)
  2. existing historical research
  3. existing records
  4. historical records

Preservation Surveys (also, see Specific Preservation Products, below)

    1. National Register
    2. Local Historic District
    3. HABS/HAER
    4. National Historic Landmark

Primary Sources

  1. deeds
  2. wills and probate records
  3. house inventories
  4. mortgage and other bank records
  5. birth and death certificates
  6. tax records
  7. license records
  8. building permits or intentions
  9. demolition records
  10. US census records
  11. court records: civil and criminal; local and state
  12. media: local and state newspapers, magazines; articles, advertisements, notices
  13. public records: loacal, sates and national archives
  14. personal diaries, journals
  15. genealogical data
  16. account books
  17. letters of administration
  18. maintenance and facilities records

Secondary Sources

  1. history: general, region, state, local
  2. biographical

Graphic Records

  1. survey plats: indiscriminate survey system or Federal Township and Range system
  2. maps: Sanborn fire insurance maps; plats; town, city and county maps
  3. photographs: surveys, landscape, aerial
  4. archives: locations, potential resources

Oral Records

  1. interviews: audio, video

Site Records

Site Management Records

  1. architectural evolution of structure, site (in-situ)
  2. architectural fragments
  3. material analyisis
  4. collections (furnishings, objects); collection list, inventory, catalogue (PastPerfect, others)
  5. archaeology: pre-contact, post-contact
  6. research records management
  7. database for archives management


  1. existing records


  1. HABS/HAER standard 4"x5", larger
  2. 35mm color transparency, print, and black-and-white
  3. digital
  4. video
  5. archives (historical): varying media, formats
  6. database of photographs: existing; ongoing


  1. field recordings
  2. measured drawings (hand, CAD)
  3. HABS/HAER (ink on Mylar, CAD)


  1. architectural description
  2. NR format
  3. HABS format
  4. inventory of existing conditions
  5. historical research
  6. architectural evolution
  7. significance
  8. 'NR,' 'NHL' format
  9. other format
  10. archives, records, and collections management and care