Teaching > Architectural Conservation HP382-582 > Scope of Work >

Conservation Services

  1. pre-purchase home inspection
  2. developing RFPs
  3. marketing
  4. conservation journalism
  5. presentations (committee, board, public, design-review, conferences)
  6. records and archives: assess information and management
  7. conservation assessment: conditions, significance, treatment recommendations
  8. testing, analysis, mock ups
  9. monitoring: structural (telltales), environmental (psychrometer, SmartReaders)
  10. site documentation photograph, graphic (measured drawings), written
  11. documents: bidding and contracts
  12. off-site research
  13. programming
  14. recommend and qualify tradespeople, other specialists
  15. service life
  16. scenario planning
  17. business, management plan
  18. fundraising, development, phasing projects
  19. assess significance
  20. preservation plan
  21. cost estimates and budget preparation
  22. help appraising site hazards
  23. advise on building codes regulations
  24. advise on bidding documents, contracts
  25. specifications: outline, full scope, section specific
  26. materials and product selection, sourcing
  27. locating and qualifying craftspeoples and tradespeople,  pre-qualify contractors
  28. schedules: elements, finishes, hardware, products
  29. architectural fragments: collection, cataloging, management
  30. exhibition and interpretation of site, records, collection, special exhibits
  31. maintenance and housekeeping plans
  32. conservation training (in-house), workshops (education): in-house (training, capacity building), community,
  33. membership, educational institutions: schools, colleges
  34. 'supervise', review work in progress
  35. approve submittals
  36. 'review' and/or 'supervise' work in progress
  37. document work in progress and 'post-occupancy' evaluation
  38. post 'substantial completion' - 'as built' records