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Specification sections - Part 1: General

Sections of each specification are divided into three parts (general, products, execution). Information in any part of a section does not repeat material previously cited in Division 1 - General Requirements.

Part 1 - General

Defines specific administrative and procedural requirements unique to the section.

__ Summary of "scope" of work in the section without implying trade jurisdiction. It may further define, within the context of a broadscope section, the following:

narrowscope subject matter in the section

__ Section Includes - May list generic types of products, works or requirements,; no reference to procedure, processes, preparatory work, or final adjusting or cleaning.

__ Products furnished but not installed under this Section - Installation covered in other sections "by others" or "not in contract" but which are considered to be "installed by Owner." Include reciprocal statements in referenced sections.

__ Products installed but not furnished under this Section - When products are to be furnished "by others"
or "not in contract" they are considered to be "furnished by Owner." Include reciprocal statements in referenced sections.

__ Related sections - Lists sections in the specifications which dealing with work directly related to this section. Use sparingly to avoid assuming the (general) contractor's responsibility for coordinating work. Do not reference Division 1 unless work is "by Owner" in which case reference Section 01010 - Summary of Work (Work Under Other Contracts or Owner -Furnished Items).

__ Allowances - List products and work included by cash allowances. Do not include cash amounts. Ensure that the language complements that employed in Section 01020 - Allowances.

__ Unit Prices - List products and work covered by unit prices together with the method employed for measuring quantities. Ensure that the language complements that employed in Section 01025 - Measurement and Payment.

__ Alternates/Alternatives - Indicate if certain products or work are an alternate bid. Do not attempt to assess the effect of project alternates on the work. Ensure that the language complements that employed in Section 01030 - Alternates/Alternatives.

__ References - List all standards referenced in the section, compete with designations, titles, dates, revised dates. When appropriate (as with ASTM, ANSI, FS) provide complete citation her and follow with alphanumeric reference in later parts . This article does not require compliance with the referenced standards but merely lists them. Introduce preservation standards (such as the Secretary of Interior's Standards, here when no others exists. Ensure that the language complements that employed in Section 01090 - Reference Standards. Include list and address of all organizations in Division 1, not here.

__ Definitions - Define unusual terms not explained in the Conditions of the Contract and which are employed in unique ways normally not included in standard references. Check terminology of ASTM before providing "new" definitions or "clarifications." Reference source of definition. This may be required if existing terminology does not match vernacular or archaic language.

__ System Description - Restricted to describing performance of design requirements and tolerances of a complete system: the composite and operational properties necessary to link a complete system together or interface with other systems.

__ Submittals - Requests for relevant data specific to the section. Section 01300 - Submittals includes administrative requirements pertaining to schedule, number of copies or quantities, format, identification, distribution, storage. Procedural requirements are covered in Section 01400 - Quality Control.

These may include:

  • Product Data
  • Shop Drawings
  • Samples
  • Field samples (refer to "Quality Assurance")
  • Mock-ups (refer to "Quality Assurance")
  • Quality control submittals
  • Design data
  • Test reports
  • Certificates
  • MSDS data
  • Manufacturer's instructions
  • Field reports.

__ Quality assurance - Contains prerequisites, standards, limitations, and criteria which establish and overall level of quality for products and work ("workmanship"). These may include:

_ Qualifications: designers (other than architect, engineer), manufacturers, fabricators, welders, installers, applicators of products or completed work.

_ Regulatory requirements

_ Certificates

_ Field samples: examples of finishes, coating, finish materials

_ Mock-ups: full-size erected assemblies for review of construction, coordination of the work of several sections, testing, or operation.

_ Pre-Installation conference: Specifies conference to coordinate materials and techniques and to sequence related work. Relate to Section 01040 - Coordination and Section 01200 - Project Meetings.

__ Delivery, Storage and Handling.

_ Packing and shipping.

_ Acceptance at site: usually applies to Owner provided products such as those obtained through procurement contracts.

_ Storage and protection: supplements product protection stated in Section 01600 - Materials and Equipment.

__ Project/Site Conditions.

_ Environmental regulations: temperature, weather, humidity, ventilation, and illumination required for proper installation or application.

_ Existing conditions: references existing structures (HSRs) or geophysical reports. Coordinate with"Information Available to Bidders" and "Supplementary Conditions."

_ Field Measurements: Address contractor's responsibility for obtaining correct field dimensions in standard General Conditions.

__ Sequencing and Scheduling - State requirements for coordinating special work with particular reference to the sequence or schedule of events. Coordinate with Section 01010 - Summary of Work and Section 01300 - Submittal Progress Schedules.

__ Warranty - Describes special or extended warranty or bond covering the conformance or performance of the work. Coordinate with conditions of the contract. Do not make statements which will limit or void those provisions. Ensure procedures complement Section 01700 - Contract Closeout (Warranties and Bonds).

__ Maintenance - List provisions for maintenance service as applicable to critical systems, equipment, facilities, landscaping. Service agreements, if not paid for in advance, should be separate from the construction agreement. List items to be furnished by the Contractor to the Owner for future maintenance or repair. This includes items that might be difficult to obtain because of match, or spare parts needed to ensure continued operation of critical equipment.