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Specification — Terms


A standard category of construction specification established by the Construction Specifications Institute and MASTERFORMAT.


A portion of project specifications covering one trade subject (material), system, or assembly. It is divided into three parts. Information in any part of a section does not repeat material previously cited in Division 1 - General Requirements.


One of three groupings of a section: general, products, or execution.

Article A major subject consisting of related paragraphs within part of a specification section.

Paragraph One or more sentences, dealing with a particular item or point. 16-Division Format

__ Division and section sequence has been established by CSI and MASTERFORMAT.

__ Division number does not change.

__ Division number is the first two digits of a five digit number.

__ The remainder of the number refers to the section, many of which have been numbered by CSI and MASTERFORMAT.

Additional sections, not assigned by CSI or MASTERFORMAT, may be added by introducing a number and title between an existing sequence.