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Bristol HDC Project


  1. Develop research and conservation-specific preservation resources for historic district commissions and property owners in historic districts.
  2. Design and implement a pilot project in a specific section of the Bristol Historic District
  3. Locate and assess other resources and projects in the country.
  4. Develop material for eventual posting to the Web. (Beyond the scope of this project.)
  5. Develop a grant proposal for the next phase.

References and Resources

  1. National Alliance of Preservation Commissions
  2. State-specific HDCs and their programs, resources (check SHPOs listed with the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers)
  3. PRI Survey

Existing Resources in Bristol

Needs Assessment

Project Items to Address

  1. Statewide Plan
  2. NR and State survey resources
  3. Town survey, Historic adn Architectural Resources of Bristol, Rhode Island
  4. Context Statement
  5. History
  6. Architectural Styles
  7. Building Systems and Materials
  8. Conservation Treatments
  9. Research techniques, with examples
  10. Styles / Conservation
  11. Standards
  12. Preservation Briefs, ammended and illustrated
  13. Technical Notes
  14. Architectural Conservation Assessments
  15. Casual Repeat Photography, Images