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State Historic Preservation Office Mandated ResponsibilitiesChecklist

Note: best printed in "landscape" (horizontal) format.

States, Tribes and Territories
section 101(b)(3) Description
  SHPO responsibilities Reference programs by Web address (URL) and printed copy of desciptions.
3 SHPO: Where is SHPO located in the State government? How do you think this affects operations? Also, see section #4, below.              
A Statewide survey: This may also be termed "inventory."              
B Identify and nominate eleigible properties to the National Register.              

Prepare and implement a comprehensive statewide historic preservation plan.
Evaluate each plan. What are the strenths, comparisions?

D State program of Federal assistance.
How is the state providing Federal funds to programs, communities?
E Advise and assist Federal and State agencies and local governments.
Find examples of work "up" to the Federal level and "down" to local communities. Cit specific agencies, community "groups."

Cooperate with the Secretary [of Interior], the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.
Find examples of cooperation.

G Provide public information, education and training, and technical assistance.
H Cooperate with local governments [NPS Certified Local Government Program]
Refer to NHPA description of CLGs.
I Consult with the appropriate Federal agencies [NPS Federal Agency Preservation Assistance Program].
Identify preservation programs in agencies, and illustrate how they consult with the SHPO, as mandated by NHPA. Guidelines for Section 110, 24 April 1998.
i Federal undertakings that may affect historical properties.
Define and provide examples.
ii Plans developed to protect, manage, or to reduce or mitigate harm to such properties. Search ACHP Case Digest for examples of projects in each state.              
  Arrangements with nonprofit organizations  
4 Contract or cooperative agreement with any qualified nonprofit organization or educational institution.
Some state SHPOs work under the umbrella of such organizations (especially in the West). Identify any states.




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