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1 Introduction (January 24)

Assignment 1 (due January 31)

Assignment 2 (due January 31)

  1. Revise your résumé.
  2. Find a job description of a job you wish to apply for (identify where you located the job posting). Or: Prepare a job description for a position you wish to apply for in a particular firm, company, agency or institution. Be specific with respect to the distinct nature of its position and its relation to the organization at large.
  3. Investigate the organization/company so you understand how the job fits in with the rest of the organization, its programs adn services, scope of work, products & services.
  4. Write a one-page letter respondign to the job announcement as stating that you are interest in the position. Explain how you are quatified.
  5. Include a typed envelope to the contact person. Write in the upper right "DO NOT MAIL".

1 Résumé and Cover Letter (January 31)

3 Time Management (February 14)

Developing daily and long-term time management skills; planning your personal goals; prioritizing your activities; organizing your recordkeeping; meetings.

4 The Interview Process / Your Personal Resources (February 28)

How to use interviews for "informational " purposes; the employment interview.

Assignment 4 (due April 4)

Set up an informational interview with a professional in the field.

  1. Research possible professionals with which you might have an interview, review options and select an individual.
  2. Undertake a biographical research of the individual and research the organization with which she/he works.
  3. Schedule a meeting and confirm in writing.
  4. Submit an agenda with your confirmation letter.
  5. Make notes during/after the interview and include a "postmortem" assessment. Follow up with
  6. A thank-you letter.

5 Portfolio 1 (March 7)

    1. Developing your portfolio.
    2. Revising work for your portfolio.
    3. Presentation techniques.

Assignment 6 (due March 21)

  1. Develop a draft outline for your portfolio.
  2. Revise one, or more, work samples for inclusion.

Assignment 7 (due March 21)

  1. Present outline of porfolio samples.
  2. Present revised work samples for inclusion.

6 Personal Preservation Resources (March 21)

    1. Discussion of Assignment 6.
    2. Knowing who to call for what
    3. How to build you own network
    4. How to develop your own library and resource files.

7 Business Development and Practices (April 4)

Insurance, legal, and accounting concerns; small business planning, financing and management.

8 Portfolio 2 (April 25)

Presentation of Assignment 7

9 Hand in Assignments (May 9)

All course material due.