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Planning for Control
Source: Michael Olpin, Associate Professor, Health Promotion & Human Performance, Weber State University, Ogden, UT

The way that we gain control of our lives is by planning.

Planning is the act of bringing future events into the present so appropriate control can be applied.

Planning is what brings control into our lives.

Once you master the skill of planning, you will find it freeing and liberating from the underlying sense that life is out of control.

But why do people tend to avoid planning?

Maybe they feel planning inhibits creativity, keeps them from going with the flow, takes too much time, or doesn't allow for interruptions. Some people feel that planning is restricting. Some may simply have no idea how to plan in a way that makes any sense. Others lack the discipline to develop and follow a plan.

There are many good and useful planning and time management methods. Most of them begin by asking these four crucial questions:

  1. What are my highest priorities? (What is most important to me?)
  2. Of my priorities, which do I value the most?
  3. What can I do about my highest priorities in the days and weeks to come?
  4. When, during today or this week, will I do these things?