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These assignments do not include the reading for class. Each topic will be addressed though class discussions, presentations by guest lecturers (along with student discussions), field trips, and a paper.

Each paper shall be a five-page, double-spaced report supplemented by citations and illustrations, as needed. Reports shall conform to Turabian or The Chicago Manual of Style. Each paper shall be a succinct definition and critical asessment of the select topic with carefully selected, peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and other citations.


Assignment (Topics)

Spring 2006

1 2020: The Role of Preservation in Fifiteen Years
Feb 15


Preservation Today: Its Strengths and Weaknesses

Mar 1


Issues, Initiatives and Partnerships

Mar 22

4 Site Visit with Ned Connors
Apr 12
5 Select Readings (in conjunction with 2006 US/ICOMOS International Symposium) Apr 26


Individualized Topic

May 10