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Fort Dearborn "commemoration", Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

Course Number and Title

Preservation Senior Seminar (HP 452-01)




Wednesday, 2:00-5:00 PM
Architecture Room 206


 Senior standing.


Lecture and field-based course.


Philip Cryan Marshall
Professor of Historic Preservation
508.951.8562 (mobile)
Office: SAAHP 247

Catalog Description

"This course serves to study a topic of historic preservation in depth. Students are expected to produce research/documentation work suitable for student-level publication in the discipline or to comply with the standards of professional practice, Topics may include a variety of subjects within the expertise of faculty and the interests of students." (3 credits) Spring
Roger Williams University Undergraduate Catalog 2005-2006
, p. 364.

Course Description

Refer to Topics [Spring 2006]

Office Hours

Advising hours will be posted on my faculty office door each week, a week in advance. Please sign up and bring an agenda. If you plan to discuss drafts, proposals, drawings, field notes, photographs, or similar material, please leave a copy in my faculty mailbox with a note asking me to preview your work at least two days before your meeting — to provide enough time to consider carefully your work before getting together.

Course Goals

Through seminar-based discussion, readings, assignments, guest lecturers and field trips this course will address:

  1. critical issues facing the profession and the communities we serve;
  2. issues and pertinent resources, identified by students and faculty;
  3. professional and organizational resources in the field;
  4. applicable preservation standards, philosophies, and treatments;

Course Materials

Refer to readings under Assignments [Spring 2006]

Student Participation

Assignments handed in after their due date will be reduce by one letter grade, at a minimum; papers will not be accepted beyond a week after the due date; and 'incomplete' for the course will not be considered unless there are extenuating circumstances and a request for an extension presented in writing.

Have each week's assignments completed before the class discussion as you will be expected to analyze and discuss the readings.

Summary of responsibilities:

  • Attend all classes and field trips
  • Actively participate in class discussions
  • Complete assignments by due dates
  • Advise faculty about any concerns, tutoring, and special needs
  • Come to class and site visits prepared with readings, equipment and supplies.

Evaluation (Grading Policy)

  • Attendance, participation mandatory
  • Assignments 75%
  • Class participation 25%
  • Field and class notes / portfolio 10%

Syllabus – Schedule of Class Meetings

Schedule [Spring 2006]


Refer to Assignments

NAAB Matrix

To be included.


  • Course readings, followed by class discussion
  • Course readings, followed by independent analysis
  • Independent, self-directed research and critical writing on seminar-related subjects
  • Guest lecturers, with your active participation in discussion
  • Site visits, conducted independently by students, alone or as a group
  • Site visits, conducted by the entire class