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Bicentennial house, Williamstown, Massachusetts.  
Scenario planning, with its quadrant system typically used, ends up being somewhat of a black-or-white analysis — intentionally. But this method is careful to note that after such analysis, that reality may be much more blended.  

2020: The Role of Preservation in Fifteen Years

Scenario Planning

For starters, it is useful to look at sceario planning [defined at Wikipedia], a tool used primariy for businesses, but also applicable to the scenarios of community, a nation, and the world. Start with Wilkinson's How to Build Scenarios, and proceed.

  • Successful Scenario Planning, Janus [Download as PDF file.]
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IIn preservation, and even more so in the very profession itself, plannign refers to specific such as Urban Planning, Regional Planning, Comprehensive Planning — all sorts of planning specific to the profession, but, frequently (and especially historically), with little congruity, or usefulness to the process of planning, the capacity of decisionmakers, and the involvement of stakeholders. Keep this in mind when looking through the "planning toolbox".

Mapping the Global Future: Report of The National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project, Central Intelligence Agency  

Varied Perspectives

"Winner write our history." Do planners write our future? Who plans? Why? Look at various perscpectives (ideologies, etc.) of planning. Are the "planning" futures in conguity with the "big-scope", more global, futures.

The Future, Today

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In tandem with your essay for Issue 1 2020, prepare a new résumé — this time as written in the year 2020.