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Examples of initiatives  

Issues, Initiatives and Partnerships
Due 22 March

Select one important preservation issue; one that has not been addressed in detail during the semester; one that warrents a new, fresh look to see how redefined, recombined resources and partnerships can impart a hybrid vigor to preservation – and other fields. The more preservation can forge new partnerships and tap new recourse, the greater our ability to meet important issues.

Define the scope of the issue. Reference (and cite appropriately) definitions (scholarly, or developed by organizaton, agencies).

Develop, briefly, a needs assessment of one or two pages. The following description of a "gap" analysis, and the questions are here to guide you in your critical assessment. A needs assessment is a systematic exploration of the way things are and the way they could be.

To do this...perform a "gap" analysis, with the "gap" between the current and the necessary (see below) helping to identify needs, purposes, resources and objectives. Ask:

  1. What is the current situation, or way the issue is being addressed, and by whom.
  2. What is the desired, or necessary, situation: the goal.

Here are some questions to consider:

  1. What has worked to address this issue?
  2. What is lacking?
  3. What are the impending, foreseen changes that affect the issue?
  4. What mandated provisons (laws, codes, regulations) have to be considered?
  5. What are the opportunities (what staff and organizations skills, technologies, funding, etc.are available)?
  6. What partnerships could be forged with organizations and agencies involved in other initiatives? These may be preservation-related initiaties (examples of initiatives), or other initiatives by other, different professions/fields.

    Focus on question six above, on partnerships, to identify what initiatives can (and – by some examples – do) work together to better address the particular issue.

List tree to five initiatives that can (or – again, by example – do) work together to meet shared goals. These initiatives do not have to only be the preservation-related initiatives listed, but can include others.

  • Define each initiative, with reference to cited resources.

Provide at least three examples of organizations, agencies, institutions or corporations that are addressing each initiative.

Include at least ten references.

In summary.

  1. One issue
  2. Three to five initiatives that help address the issue.
  3. At least three examples of who is successfully working on each initiative.