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Humble Oil Company Building, Houston, Texas. Source

Tax Credit

Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives, National Park Service

Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission (SHPO) Tax Credits & Loans:


  1. What is a "tax credit"? a
  2. How is the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program administered? a
  3. What is a "certified rehabilitation"? a
  4. What are the four treatments listed in the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties? a
  5. What is a "certified historic structure"? a
  6. What is "historic character"? a
  7. Wha are "character-defining features"? PB 17, PB 18, and Walk Through.
  8. Durign a rehabilitation, what are typically address in the inappropriate treatment of features? a
  9. How does the IRS define a "building"? a
  10. What are the IRS requirements needed to be eligible for the 20% tax credit? a
  11. Does a structure have to be individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places or included in a National Register historic district to be eligible for the 20% tax credit? a
  12. What is the "substantial rehabilitation test"? The length of time a project has to meet the test? a
  13. List items that are eligible and ineligible to receive tax credit. a
  14. What are the three parts of the Historic Preservation Certification application process? a
  15. Do all the parts of the application have to be submitted together or should they be submitted separately? a
  16. Who does an owner submit a completed application to? a
  17. What does a property owner do if the building is not listed on the National Register? a
  18. Does an owner have to retain the services of a professional to complete a Hsitoric Preservation Certification application? a
  19. What comprises a complete Historic Preservation Certification Application? a
  20. Can photographs be digital? a Discuss in class.
  21. What preservation services can be employed for tax-credit projects adn how do these relate to the application? a