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Review a list of past RWU historic preservation internships.

As of 2009, Internship is a non-credit requrement of the M.S. in Historic Preservation.


Field-based work, totaling at least 140 hours with an intern sponsor.


Philip Cryan Marshall, Professor and Coordinator
Historic Preservation Program

Mobile 508.951.8562 (call any time)


Students conduct field placements which are academically significant and related to the student's professional development as a preservationists. Through research and informational interviews, students investigate specialized fields of interest and opportunities in the public and private sector. Students develop résumés, correspondence, project recording and internship documentation. Internship proposals are submitted before the student begins, and Intern/final reports are developed. Fulfills Feinstein Service Learning in Historic Preservation. .

An internship proposal must be submitted before the student begins, and regular reports must be filed with the Program Director. Fulfills Feinstein Service Learning in Historic Preservation."


Visit RWU Career Center

  • Develop a résumé
  • Review and use Blue Book resources
  • Review and use Interfolio for credential documentation and presentation


  • Throughout semester, set up appointments with faculty to develop internship, conduct site review with faulty and sponsor, and review work on an interim basis.
  • Save all internship correspondence: résumé, letters of interest, follow up, agendas, and other material.
  • Develop résumé, portfolio, and letters of inquiry, and conduct research and interviews,as required, to secure an internship in the field;

Setting Up

  • At the onset of your internship, work with your future supervisor to develop a
    • synopsis of your job description
    • responsibilities and your work in relation to other activities in the organization / company, and
    • personnel chart (with names and job titles; a smart-phone photograph of free-hand chart is fine) of the company / organization, including yourself in relation to your supervisor.

During Work

  • Document the internship experience in a journal for critical reflection and analysis.
  • Include photographic documentation.
  • Have someoen take several 'art durected" phtoographs of you working. Images will be used for a press release; your portfolio; and presentations.
  • Prepare a press release, to be sent to dailies in your internship area, the RWU area, and your home community.
    • Include a captioned photograph (with photo credit) for each release.
    • Identify newspapers, with name, address, and contact.
  • Keep track of your hours, and the work undertaken.


  • Develop a final summary with a brief description of
    • the mission for the organization
    • your internship experience
    • the way your job related to the broader operations of the organization
    • the future use of your work.
    • relate your work to that of others
    • include several photographs (credit, caption), with a few your yourself at work.
  • Have your intern sponsor complete a one-page evaluation of your work, on letterhead. Include a letter grade your sponsor work give you if they were in the position to grade you. A sample letter canbe provided if you need one.
  • Submit your jorunal (to be returned)
  • Present your internship experience in class.


An assessment will be based on review of internship experience with intern sponsor, documentation, and work with faculty.