Teaching > Architectural Conservation II (HP 482) — Spring 2005

Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris.  

Syllabus (Including links to reading, and site visits labs on this site)

    1. Requirements
      1. Schedule
      2. Assignments
      3. Tests: Previous questions from past years
    2. Architectural Conservator
      1. Proposal Checklist
      2. Scope of Professional Services
      3. Architectural Conservation Report (Word document)
      4. Research Guide: Citing Electronic Resources, RWU Library
      5. Specifications: Notes
      6. Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)
        1. Specifications: CSI 16-Division Format, CSI (on this Web site)
        2. Uniformat
          1. UniFormat Information- What is Uniformat?, CSI
          2. UniFormat Lite — An abbreviated version of CSI's Uniformat™ 1998 edition, CSI
        3. Guide to Preparing Design and Construction Documents for Historic Projects,1996, CSI
        4. All About MasterFormat Expansion — MasterFormat '04, CSI
        5. Masterformat and Uniformat, MC2 (Third-party description)
    3. Moisture
      1. Wood and Moisture: Notes
      2. Wood and Moisture References
      3. Moisture (CBD digests)
      4. Psychrometric chart
      5. Psychrometric chart of heating and cooling of air-vapor mixtures
    4. Wood
      1. Wood Handbook, FPL, USDA
      2. Anatomy (Lab)
        1. Wood ID: laboratory assignment
        2. Hand-Lens Key for the Use of Identification of Important Comercial Woods Used in the Unites States
          1. List of species included
          2. Glossary
        3. Wood Anatomy Laboratory (Slides)
      3. Wood Preservation
      4. Dendrochronology (under development)
    5. Metals
      1. Directions to George Martell, Master Blacksmith
      2. Metals Index Page
      3. Dating of Old Houses, Henry C. Mercer
    6. Roofing