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Architectural Conservator: Scope of Professional Services

This conservator represents her/his services performed with the usual thoroughness and competence of his profession. No other warranty or representation is expressed or implied in this proposal or related and subsequent contracts and reports. The consultant does not represent herself/himself as an architect or engineer, or specialist in these respective fields.

The services provided herein are for __________________, Inc. The services, data, recommendations, proposals, reports, plans, photographs, and similar information produced and provided by the Architectural Conservator are not to be used or relied upon by other parties, excepting the ______________________, without the express permission of the Architectural Conservator.

The conditions and defects observed and recorded were those visible at the date of inspection. The structural, electrical and HVAC systems of the structure were not evaluated. Investigation was limited to visual analysis of the structure and its components. No in situ physical analysis (viz.: probing, scraping, tapping, or any other physical intervention), monitoring, or testing was undertaken. Nor were any samples obtained for laboratory analysis or testing.

Contractors should not be expected to quote for or carry out any of the specialized work recommended without further guidance; they should be provided with a proper specification or, if the particular work is very minor, they should be asked to submit their detailed proposals for the Architect to review and consider for approval. Even small errors in workmanship, materials, or design can turn a restoration project into a structural, physical, or aesthetic disaster.