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NPS Tech Note

Case studies may be developed on a specific aspect of a 'conservation' project that adheres to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation (36 CFR 67) and/or the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties (36 CFR 68).

A draft Preservation Tech Note may submitted to the NPS for peer reviewed and revisions (as needed), resulting in its publication as a NPS Preservation Tech Note. It is suggested that Charles E. Fisher (Tel 202.343.9568 Email Chuck_Fisher@nps.gov ), Technical Editor of the Preservation Tech Note series be contacted before preparing a proposed Tech Note.

Use the online Preservation Tech Notes as a model for both format and content. To obtain printed copies of many other Tech Notes, visiting the NPS Heritage Preservation Services Bookstore.

The property must be on the National Register, and the work must comply with the referenced preservation standards. Ideally, the project has ample documentation of existing conditions before the work commenced, work in progress, and completion. Depending on the project, work may be complete or in progress (but nearing substantial completion).

Assess the project through site visits, discussions with the owner, architect, consultants, contractors and craft specilists, when possible. Be prepared to augment existing documentation and project records (preservation reports, analysis and testing findings, contract documents, change orders, field reports) with color photographs (digitized for publication) and additional research. Obtain permission to reproduce and publish project records.

Scope of Work

Include (at a minimum) the following:

  • problem
  • solution
  • inspection
  • work description - scope of work, materials, execution (tools and techniques)
    project evaluation
  • maintenance
  • project data
  • illustrations (drafted in ink or CAD) and photographs
  • vignettes on technical aspects of subject
  • credits, references
  • compose Tech Note, include drawings and photographs as digitized (gif and jpeg files) graphics, and prepare using HTML
  • retain all research notes, correspondence, samples, photograph negatives, disk copies of electronic files

References (NPS)