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Learning Objectives

Reference the NAAB-based matrix for Historic Preservation Program performance criteria (fundamental skills, content and knowledge, leadership and practice), available on the course Bridges site.

Represent yourself and your institution (here, RWU) in the most professional manner possible in meetings, during site visits, and in all other arenas of engagement.

Enhance your understanding and application of pertinent professional terminology, principles, standards, and methods.

Identify, analyze and synthesize the work of diverse professions that contribute to stewardship.

Understand and apply code of ethics, charters, benchmarks and other professional standards.

Critically evaluate individual plans, policies and other documents and their relationship as they are applied to ongoing work, assessment, and development.

Summarize, analyze, and evaluate specific subjects, issues and case studies and synthesize with reference to standards, interrelated work, institutional goals—and other pertinent professional resources, scholarly publications and project examples.

Exhibit an understanding of the professional operations of a nonprofit organization, here in the context of a historic-house museum and its mission.

Demonstrate ways scholarly research, guided by plans and policies, informs interpretation and stewardship.

Evaluate and prioritize specific needs in the context of in-house and profession-wide standards and resources and with reference to best practices.