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Preservation Society of Newport County
Trudy Coxe, CEO

Course coordinator
John R. Tschirch, Director of Museum Affairs
Scheduling and location coordinator
Cait Emery, Museum Programs Coordinator

Charles Burns, Associate Curator
James M. Burress, Director of Finance
Andrea Carneiro, Communications Manager
Caroline Considine, Director of Development
Jeffrey T. Curtis, Director of Gardens and Grounds
Jim Donahue, Horticulturist
Curtis Genga, Director of Properties
Katherine Long, Grant Writer
Cait Emery, Museum Programs Coordinator
Paul F. Miller, Curator
Charles Jeffers Moore, Chief Conservator
Miranda Peters, Collections Manager
Tommy Pickens, Maintenance Supervisor
John G. Rodman, Director of Museum Experience
Barbara Shea, Tourism Marketing Manager
Jessica Urick, Textiles Conservator
List in formation

Roger Williams University
Philip Marshall, Professor and Coordinator, Historic Preservation Program, SAAHP
Arnold Robinson, Director, RWU Community Partnerships Center

Maia Farish, Steering Committee, RWU Community Partnerships Center
Polly Hutcheson, Executive Director of Grants and Contracts
Stephen E. White, AIA, Dean, SAAHP
Peter Wilbur, Associate Vice President; Steering Committee, RWU Community Partnerships Center
List in formation
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