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Time: Wednesdays, 2:00 to 4:50 PM
Location: 424 Bellevue Avenue, Newport, RI, unless noted otherwise

January 25 — Introduction (starting at 2:30 PM)
Introduction of participants

Reading: PSNC website

February 1 — Places of Memory (John Tschirch with Cait Emery) — Assignment Week 02

  • Establishing the significance of a site, interpretive philosophy and methodology.
  • Defining how audiences find meaning in sites through public surveys and engagement
  • The integrated museum system, combining research, collections management, conservation and education, all serving the needs of preservation and education of various audiences through scholarship and public programming
  • Introduction to major research projects: Highlights of the Collections, Great Rooms, Newport Urban Plan History Project

Stephen E. Weil. “The Museum as Palace: Courtly Ghosts and Aristocratic Artifacts,” chap. 17 in Making Museums Matter. Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 2002, 159-169.
Additional material to be provided
Uploads to Bridges > Resources > Places of Memory

February 8 — Heritage Stewardship (Philip Marshall) — Assignment Week 03

Reading: Heritage Stewardship

Uploads to Bridges > Resources > Heritage Stewardship

February 15 — Collections Management (Miranda Peters, Jessica Urick) — Assignment Week 04

  • Collections Inventory, digitization of collections, archives organization.
  • Review of collections database systems. PSNC State of the Collections Report
  • Archives, The Breakers storage

February 22 — No class. Monday schedule.

February 29 — Project Development, Management, Interpretation (Jeff Moore, Caroline Considine, Cait Emery, Katherine Long) — Assignment Week 05 Project Development
Note: Meet at The Elms


Conservators (partial list)

  • Charles Jeffers (Jeff) Moore, Chief Conservator, PSNC — Jeff received his B.S. degree in Historic Preservation from Roger Williams University, and completed studies for a Masters in Furniture Conservation from Antioch University through the Furniture Conservation Training Program administered by the Smithsonian Institution's Conservation Analytical Laboratory. More...
  • Maria Jõao Petisca from Lisbon, Portugal — Maria has an MSc in Conservation and Restoration from the Superior School of Technology of the Polytechnic Institute (Tomar) and an MA in Decorative Arts from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Lisbon). She was most recently working in the furniture section of the Conservation Department of the Institute of Museums and Conservation in Lisbon.

March 7 —Major Preservation Projects and Maintenance (Arnold Robinson with Curt Genga, John Tschirch) — Assignment Week 06 Major Projects


  1. General discussion of how projects are formulated and managed (with a discussion of the myriad of neccessary skills to achieve the completion)
  2. How the PSNC has inventoried its Facilities Maintenance Database, created priorities for projects and carried out major projects

Session elements will include:

  1. Major projects review (2:00)
  2. Long-term facilities management planning and major projects (2:30)
  3. Major project case studies (2:50)
  4. Breakout discussion groups with speakers/instructors (3:10)
  5. Transit break (3:45)
  6. Site visit: The Breakers roof restoration project (4:00)
  7. Depart (4:40)


Selections from Project Management for Designers and Facilities Managers by Howard G. Birnberg that is posted on Bridges.

March 14 — Spring break. No class.

March 21 — Preventive Conservation, Housekeeping and Maintenance (Jeff Moore with Tommy Pickens, Jessica Urick) — Assignment Week 07
Note: Meet at Kingscote

  • The macro view of microscopic work.
  • Environmental case study, project justification, development, monitoring, control, assessment (Jeff Moore)
  • Housekeeping plan (Jessica Urick)
  • Roof restoration project (Curt Genga and Tommy Pickens)


March 28 — Curatorship and Furnishings Plans (John Tschirch with Paul Miller, Charles Burns, Cait Emery) — Assignment Week 08
Note: Meet at Hunter House, then advance to Château-sur-Mer

  • Hunter House (Charles Burns)
    • Historic furnishing plans: A curatorial and interpretive project
  • Château-sur-Mer: Curatorial Overview (Paul Miller) — strategies for room display, conserved spaces, restored spaces, accessioning; deaccessioning
  • Château-sur-Mer (Cait Emery)


  • Hunter House
    • Hunter House, PSNC read
    • Hunter House, National Historic Landmarks Program, NPS (1968) read
    • Ralph Emerson Carpenter, Jr., Wikipedia read
    • Hunter House, HABS, Library of Congress (search for "Hunter, House, Newport, RI") view
    • Books (not on reserve, for future reference)
      • Carpenter, Ralph Emerson, Jr. The Arts and crafts of Newport, Rhode Island, 1640-1820. Preservation Society of Newport County; 1st edition, edition (1954)
      • Moses, Michael. Master Craftsmen of Newport: the Townsends and Goddards, MMI Americana Press, 1984
      • Downing, Antoinette Forrester and Vincent Joseph Scully. Architectural Heritage of Newport, Rhode Island: 1640-1915. Bramhall House. Amazon
      • Yarnall, James L. Newport Through Its Architecture: A History of Styles from Postmedieval to Postmodern. UPNE, 2005. Amazon
  • Château-sur-Mer
    • Château-sur-Mer, PSNC read
    • Château-sur-Mer, National Historic Landmarks Program, NPS (nominated as an individual listing in 2006) read
    • Bellevue Avenue Historic District, National Historic Landmarks Program, NPS 1976, (includes Château-sur-Mer)
    • Château-sur-Mer, HABS, Library of Congress read
    • Château-sur-Mer, HABS, Library of Congress (search for "Château-sur-Mer, Newport, RI") view
  • Historic Furnishings Reports, Heritage Stewardship

April 4 — The Public Sphere: Stewardship of the Historic City (Arnold Robinson with Pieter Roos, John Tschirch) — Assignment Week 09
Note: Meet at 424 Bellevue
; weather permitting, a tour will follow

April 11— Philanthropy and Grants (Polly Hutcheson with Caroline Considine, Katherine Long) — Assignment Week 10
Note: Meet at 424 Bellevue; time permitting, a tour will follow at The Elms.

  • An institutional overview to philanthropy, building a case for support, identifying funders, developing projects (Caroline Considine, Katherine Long)
  • Grants (Polly Hutcheson)
  • Discussion
  • Time permitting: Tour of The Elms third floor to discuss revised interpretation, oral history project

April 18 — Advocacy and Preservation Alliances (Arnold Robinson with Trudy Coxe, Maia Farish) — Assignment Week 11

  • Research, policies and metrics
  • Constituencies
  • Advocacy
  • Alliances


April 25 — Student Presentations

May 2 — Heritage Tourism (Arnold Robinson with Andrea Carneiro, John Rodman, Barbara Shea, John Tschirch) — Assignment Week 12

  • Promoting heritage tourism
  • Communication strategies and implementation
  • Web site development

May 9 — Landscape (Jeff Curtis) — Assignment Week 13
Note: Meet at The Breakers Greenhouse.
Directions: Head south on Bellevue Avenue south; turn right (west) on to Gordon Street; stop, cross Coggeshall Street; now on Batemen Avenue, find parking making sure to repsect neighbor's lawns, driveways; Greenhouse in on left (south)

  • Breakers Stable, 1877 greenhouse: landscape management, tree inventory books, tree program, tour the greenhouses, operations(Jeff Curtis)
  • The Elms: Review of sunken garden restoration and tree program (Jeff Curtis)

May 14 to 16 — Final Exam Period

May 22 — Final Grades Due