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Coordinate the preservation of the buildings and landscapes in such a manner that the presence of foundation planting, nearby trees, negative grade (slope), and application of fertilizers are reduced without compromising the intergrity of the sites.

Document and assess:

Macro- and micro-environmental conditions and their pertinence to risk management and buildings.

Subsurface conditions, including soils and their effect on hydrostatic pressure; the introduction of water into spaces below grade; the location and condition of utilites; and any potential cultural material (archaeological finds).

Grade and pitch along the perimeter, making sure that there is a positive slope away from that structures allowing for distribution of surcharge water, and that there is at least nine inches between the grade and any wood framing.


Trees and shrubs, making sure that there are not overhanging branches, trees whose roots may invade exterior pipework, or shrubs whose proximity to the perimeter may contribute to or hide insects, rot and other deterioration.

Pathways gravel


Existing Conditions






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