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As with probate records, land records have their own and completely different language. Probably the three most common terms you will hear, talk or read about are the terms of grantor, grantee and conveyance, or deed.

Quite simply, a grantor is the seller. A grantee is the buyer and a conveyance is simply a deed - a legal document transferring ownership from one person to another.

In addition, there a several types of deeds which exist but as far as this discussion is concerned, we simply mention warranty and quitclaim deeds.

  1. A quitclaim deed is the document in which the owner releases all right, interest or claim on a piece of real property without offering any kind of warranty - as below.
  2. A warranty deed basically states that the grantor, the seller, guarantees that the property is owned by him or her completely free and clear. If a lawsuit later develops against ownership claims on this property, than the seller, or his heirs, can be sued.

For genealogical purposes, we like warranty deeds. Much can be gained, if and when, lawsuits develop and the resulting heirs and their relationship to the grantor is mentioned.

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