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Preservation Briefs, Technical Preservation Services, National Park Service. HomeWorks! = These are reformatted and posted on this site.

Crew Publications Notes
Lauren 35: Understanding Old Buildings: The Process of Architectural Investigation HomeWorks! Tweaked version here, to show possible layout. Needs project-specific images.
Cynthia 17: Architectural Character - Identifying the Visual Aspects of Historic Buildings as an Aid to Preserving Their Character HomeWorks! Illustrate; use case study; vignette relating this to styles, conservation treatment options.
Dori and Robyn Home Inspection HomeWorks! (File is in Word). Checklist; relate to Briefs' sections, other sources on this site.
Kate, Jason Architectural Styles HomeWorks! Example of (HABS) documentation; HABS floor plans, arch details; Slides scanned, take more digital, get "quotes" from published sources describing styles, link to where to find/buy sources, NR descriptions.
Jason Architectural Assessment HomeWorks! Relate to NPS work, illustrate, get examples (not complete, but for illustrations. (for example ("during assessment, it was discovered that..."
  Historical Research Draft here HomeWorks!
Corey 39: Holding the Line: Controlling Unwanted Moisture in Historic Buildings HomeWorks! Canadian Building Digests, moisture meter and other equipment, lots of illustrations, relate questions to those on inspection checklist.
Eric 16: The Use of Substitute Materials on Historic Building Exteriors RIHPHC, product examples, texting for performance
Seth 01: Assessing Cleaning and Water-Repellent Treatments for Historic Masonry Buildings ASTM; ProSoCo products; table comparing materials, products, with qualifications.
Seth 02: Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Masonry Buildings HomeWorks! Ken at Grande Masonry; products; Virginia Limeworks; St. Astier from France.
Seth 06: Dangers of Abrasive Cleaning to Historic Buildings Roberta Randall projects; abrasive samples; how to treat tyrashed sandblasted buildings.
Robin 09: The Repair of Historic Wooden Windows Rob Cagnetta; Roberta Randall re Castle Hill windows and tax-credit documentation. Examples (as descrie in email).
Becca 03: Conserving Energy in Historic Buildings HomeWorks! Insulating (Greater Portland Landmarks); State, Naragansett Electric energy conservation audi
Maria 04: Roofing for Historic Buildings HomeWorks!
Suppliers, roofers.
From Asbestos to Zinc: Roofing for Historic Structures, NPS
Maria 29: The Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance of Historic Slate Roofs HomeWorks!
Andrian 19: The Repair and Replacement of Historic Wooden Shingle Roofs
Clapboard Siding
Suppliers, types, roofers
From Asbestos to Zinc: Roofing for Historic Structures, NPS
Contact Joaquim Dafonseca (RWU HP alum) about the Mt. Vernon roof, images, more than NPS roofing page.

27: The Maintenance and Repair of Architectural Cast Iron

Suppliers, foundry; case studies.

10: Exterior Paint Problems on Historic Woodwork HomeWorks!
37: Appropriate Methods of Reducing Lead-Paint Hazards in Historic Housing

Adlers, manufacturers, paint colors, testing (moisture meter), photomicrographs, RIDOH/RIDEM, testing. Check for contacts, resources at RI agancies.