1. Management
    1. Standards
    2. Collections
    3. Stewardship
    4. Records
    5. Preservation
    6. Treatments
  2. Intrinsic and Extrinsic
    1. Building Systems
    2. Direct Physical Forces CCI
    3. Thieves, Vandals, Displacers CCI
    4. Fire CCI
    5. Water CCI
    6. Pests
      1. Vermin and Insects CCI
      2. Fungi, Bacteria, and Mold (under Environment) CCI
    7. Contaminants CCI
      1. Airborne Particulate Matter and Pollutants
      2. Hazardous Materials
      3. Insecticides and Pesticides
    8. Environment
      1. Temperature CCI
      2. Relative Humidity CCI
      3. Fungi, Bacteria, and Mold
      4. Corrosion
    9. Radiation CCI (Light)
      1. Natural
      2. Artificial

Risk management

Standards, collections, stewardship, records, preservation and treatments

Building systems, direct physical forces, thieves, vandals, displacers, fire, water and pests

Environment (temperature, relative humidity, fungi, bacteria, and mold, corrosion)

Radiation (natural, artificial)

CCI Factors included in the Framework for Preservation of Museum Collections, Canadian Conservation Institute. (Image of CCI Risk Matrix included in Introduction)
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