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Gravel at entry to house.
Gravel drive, entry, to house.
• Reduce transport of gravel into house by adding grates at entrance.
Interior and exterior mats.
Floor with mark from style hardware.
Heel marks, wood floor.
Doorway, roof.


Minimized the impact of foot traffic through structures and along circulation corridors.


A visitor's experience is affected through self-guided tours, which involve "wayfinding" and "placemaking": defining and interpreting the pathways and places in a dynamic, spatial-, collection-, and context-oriented manner.

  • crowd control, experience, intensity
  • mirror uses, progression, spatial relationships, interpretation

Circulation also involves a context-sensitive understanding of the ensemble of collections and spaces (including zones), and their varied use by the Society and its visitors — with reference and deference to preserving physical fabric while interpreting its significance.

Through circulation make sure that the user wear-and-tear be minimized and that risk-management practices are effectively maintained.


Safe Walkways During Inclement Weather (download as PDF format file), Museum Management Program, National Park Service, 2003.


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