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Foundation and Drainage. Source: From the Roof Down...Skin Deep, National Park Service.
Roof, Tea House, Marble House.
Roof inspection and minor repair, Château-sur-Mer.
Roof system (top), including flashing (bottom),The Breakers.
South roof with New York Unfading Red slate, Kingscote.
Missing gutter, south elevation, Kingscote.
Clogged gutter, north elevation, Kingscote.
• Clean gutters, and make sure all water is conducted away from the site.
Roof, view south, Marble House.
Exhaust fan, attic, Isaac Bell House.
Polyethylene and containers used to contain moisture from leaking roof, attic, Château sur Mer.
Temporary protection of the balcony roof (top), which is above, and affecting, the parquet floorign of the bay, library, Château sur Mer
Internal gutter undergoing restoration, attic, The Breakers
Internal downspout from roof drainage, northeast room, staff quarters, The Breakers.


Roof and drainage systems are the moste vital elements that protects interior spaces, features and objects from damage. The following roofs need immediate attention:

  • Château-sur-Mer
  • Kingscote

Gutters/Downspouts: Repair and replace damaged or missing parts. Consider replacement using more historically appropriate design and/or materials. Tie into perimeter drainage system.

Remove tree limbs hanging over gutter system, and inspect bi-annually.

Grade: Clear foundation of plantings within four feet (4'). Regrade to achieve nine inches (9") of clearance between ground, siding, corner boards, or water table. Create positive grade away from structure to facilitate drainage.

In concert with assessment of the roof and drainage system, conduct structural analysis of roofing system and related structural components.


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